Freedom From The Scales

Freedom From The Scales

There’s alot of unnessary pressure when you are convinced your health and happiness relies on a number on the scales.

Many people have an ideal weight that they work towards. It’s that magic number in your head that symbolises the point where you’ll achieve health, confidence and happiness. We long for that idealised ‘future body’ or ‘past body’ and until that magic number is reached we are unfulfilled.

And that is just not a healthy way to live your life is it!

Letting go of that ‘magic number’

Your body is not meant to stay the same throughout your life. It is perfectly normal for a healthy, fit body to change in size, shape and weight over your life. There is no ‘normal’ weight or ‘ideal’ weight for you – IT JUST DOESN’T EXIST and it’s time for you to let it go.  Instead, look for signs that show the status of your overall health and fitness, such as the tone of your skin, your energy levels, how well you are sleeping and your overall feeling of wellbeing.

Then go about making changes to your lifestyle that will holistically improve your health and fitness in a more POSITIVE way!

Stop weighing yourself.  There is no benefit. You do not need to know that number. Do you regularly check your height over the course of the day? No!

If your sense of worth is tied up in how your body looks, then changing your weight is not going to solve anything.  You need to know you’re valuable and loveable no matter what the outside of you looks like.  A life filled with love, purpose, passion and laughter seems like a much better recipe for happiness than a numberon the scales.