Classes & Programs

Cardio Boxing

Pack some punch into your workout with this empowering workout designed to tone and shape the upper body and burn calories fast! This class will combine boxing and cardio exercises in a workout for beginner to advanced fitness levels.


A blend of cardio and resistance exercises set from station to station will keep your heart rate elevated while you tone and shape your whole body. This workout is designed to shape the whole body with exercises that can be regressed or progressed to suit every individual in the group.


Partner up with this more advanced session, aimed to hit your muscle groups and heart rate a little higher. Intermediate to advanced fitness and boxing experience is required for this session.


Using adjustable platforms for your lower body, with or without light hand weights to music. This workout will tone and shape the thigh and butt areas and improve your cardio fitness.


A workout that will take you through timed high intensity exercises combined with short active recovery points to challenge your fitness levels and accelerate the cardio after burn effect.

Core Strength

A blend of core strengthening and abdominal/lower back exercises to target the mid section and improve posture.

Pump it up

Set to energising music this barbell workout will strengthen and tone every major muscle group... and even a few in between! This workout will suit the beginner to advanced exerciser as your weights can be adjusted to suit your strength needs.

Kettle bell

This highly functional kettle bell class will engage the core while you strengthen and tone the whole body. A workout you will know you had two days later!

Instructor’s Choice

We will surprise you with this one! Instructor’s choice of class type, dependent on what-ever she thinks you need the most.