Body Fat V’s Muscle

Body Fat V’s Muscle

We’re always using the scales as a measure of fat loss when really we need to remember that we are made up of so much more than just fat!

1kg of muscle weighs exactly the same as 1kg of fat, however muscle takes up less space in your body compared to fat. Meaning that although you can look small, you may weigh much more than she expected. A good body composition is such that you are made up of a lot of lean muscle mass and a relatively low body fat percentage.

The assumption that the less you weigh, the healthier you are is simply not true! Health and well-being can’t be measured simply by looking at a number on the scale.


Shifting your focus from weight loss to building muscle mass has several benefits. Working towards a good muscle mass ratio reduces the power of the scale,increases strength (Which in turn increases your ability to train harder) and means you are fitter rather than simply slim. For many people, realizing their objective is feeling healthy and looking good helps them embrace exercise in their lives and leads to a more positive self image and healthier mindset.

Maintaining a healthy body composition

Maintaining a healthy body composition means adapting a holistic approach to your health and wellbeing. This includes balanced nutrition, regular physical activity that includes strength training and time out to relax. Remember also that exercise can’t be used as fixer for a poor diet. It takes diet and exercise together to make a significant difference to your overall body fat percentage

The key here is to decrease the loss of muscle that’s often associated with weight loss. You don’t want to lose healthy muscle mass. Performing muscle-building exercises and consuming a balanced protein-rich diet can help reduce the risk of muscle loss.

Muscle is really hungry too!  Just one KG of muscle can consume up to 45 calories each day simply to maintain itself.  So by increasing lean body tissue, you are in fact also firing up your metabolism to burn more calories day to day.  While this may not seem significant, at the end of the day, anything that supports your fat loss journey is another step in the right direction!