Beating the CRAVE

Beating the CRAVE

One of the biggest challenges we face when trying to lose weight, is the craving of foods that sabotage our best efforts.

Why does it happen?

Contrary to popular belief, we don’t actually crave foods because our bodies actually need a nutrient that happens to be in that food.  Or maybe we just want to believe that as the green light to eating it?


The truth is the more you consume something, the more you crave it. Sugar is an obvious one, highly addictive. For those who have gone sugar free for more than 3 weeks, the craving for sugar is almost zero after that!

Fewer people crave savory foods, however those who do will usually crave for crisps.

So what do we do about it?


Don’t wait for a craving to hit. If you regularly crave around 3pm for something sweet, eat something healthy to sustain you longer like a handful of almonds and a piece of fruit around 2.30pm.  By allowing yourself to get to a point where you are overly hungry, all rationale goes out the window and your stuck wanting a pick me up to get you through to dinner.

The evening after dinner is another common crave time, it ends up becoming a little evening down time ritual.  Kids are in bed, house is quit, been a busy day, feel like a treat!  You don’t need it.

30 minutes after dinner grab a piece of fruit.  Brush your teeth, wash the dishes turn off the light kitchen closed

If you are stuck in a crave, yes there are options but it’s more of a challenge. Drinking water can help, along starting with a healthy snack to put yourself in a better mindset.

Sometimes no matter what you try… going for a walk, meditation etc. If a craving has hit and the only thing to satisfy you is to put it in your mouth, go ahead.

Just sit down and eat mindfully, enjoy it, don’t feel guilty about it and work it of with an extra gym session.